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Edupreneurs Take on White Space

posted Apr 16, 2010, 6:45 AM by Ravi Bala   [ updated Jun 4, 2010, 10:35 AM ]

The biggest strategic threat facing America is not the financial crisis or the terrorist threats(though both are important and urgent), but the crisis in educating and training our workforce. From K-12 education to College and even Workforce Retraining we need action, we need excitement and we need a channel to harness the energy of entrepreneurs who want to help address this critical strategic issue.
How can the US not be one of the top 5 in science and math capability - no matter what grade level? It's not lack of resources, it's not lack of raw material, it's sheer lack of will. Maybe it's ignorance - ignorance of the rest of the world catching up. Nowhere in the world is Joe the Plumber or Joe Sixpack brought into a serious political discussion. We have to shake the country out of this malaise.

When people feel that a good education is out of reach, they deride the intellectuals. When they feel that the good life is out of reach, they deride the elite. This country was not founded on class segmentation based on one's station at birth. Let's support the movement of hope with tangible projects.

8thSquare is dedicated to the creation of a Social Entrepreneur Infrastructure that will generate and spin off self sustaining business models that address this strategic need. We bring technology based entrepreneurial solutions to measure and improve education effectiveness

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