Welcome to the 8th Square Foundation.

Active Projects:

1. College Workshop - visit bcccollege.wikispaces.com to see pilot program.

Our mission is to leverage technology to help schools, colleges and community organizations around the world. The focus is on uncovering low cost technology implementations and creating self help programs that the institutions will run on their own, with incentives for monitoring and reporting progress of the program's contribution to the client organization's core goals. 

One of our goals is to launch 1000 Edupreneurs into educational institutions in this decade. 

How will we do this?

  1. Create a framework for idea generation and exchange.
  2. Create or better yet, co-opt an infrastructure in the cloud for Edupreneurial projects.
  3. Create a learning environment for guiding Edupreneurial success.
  4. Establish a publicity pipeline to spread lessons from successes and learning opportunities.

"A failure is nothing more than a "learning opportunity" for the next success."

The 8th Square wikispace is located here - visit and comment.

Why 8th Square?:    In Chess:    The knight can jump 3 spaces (over obstacles); The Rook can go across the entire board; The bishop can also criss-cross the entire board; The queen can do it all - except jump over obstacles.  

BUT the pawn - the foot soldier, gains power as it plods up the board - ON THE 8th SQUARE the pawn can become anyone it wants to be. At this moment of metamorphosis, on the 8thSquare - it is the most powerful piece on the board.